What will it cost?

What are the cost options?

No matter what the occasion, regardless of how “special”, costs are important.

At the very least so you know what sort of costs to expect. After all, we don’t want our services to “drive you to drink”……..we bring it to you!!!!

Having worked in the hospitality industry (some of us for over 35 years) we painstakingly restored the horsebox into a mobile bar that could be hired for weddings, festivals, private parties, food events, corporate events, and brand launches. Each event can be tailored to you the client’s individual needs, it’s your event and we want to give you what you want!!!!

Ways to enjoy our services are numerous. There is a basic cost for us to attend your event of £150 within a 50-mile radius of our base in Stockport. This fee covers transport to and from the venue of the horsebox, the setup, the staff to serve, and all the equipment required. There are NO HIDDEN costs.

Further afield is no problem but might cost slightly more. Call us for a definite quote.
After that there are several options;

A. We can provide a cash bar, where each guest pays for their own drinks.

B. We can set a “tab” up for you, where we serve drinks up to a limit set by you, and then after that convert into a cash bar for any additional drinks.

C. Or you can pay for a set fixed amount of drinks. And then we can personalise options for redeeming drinks such as vouchers or tickets.

D. We can provide a “free” bar (free to your guests) and then you settle up after your event (we would need a deposit)

We can design a package to suit you. Give us a call or send us a message

To contact us call 07931724164 and ask for Carl or email