Mobile Gin Palace

We are old enough to remember when Gin was the last bottle with anything in the “cupboard” after Christmas. It was the bottle that was bought in case Aunty Beryl popped in.

Gin was served with that “pop” the kids didn’t drink because it “tasted funny, a bit like medicine”. And was usually flat as the same kids never put the bottle top on tight, and it was NEVER in the fridge.

Bearing all this in mind it is AMAZING that gin has become the “new kid on the block. It has become the on-trend, THE drink of choice. We now see a vast array of bottles you see piled up in the supermarkets. It’s the drink that bar staff take forever to prepare. Looking for the right glass, berries, ice, and all sorts of garnishes.



Nothing is off limits, loads of great Gin based libations. What will you try first

We doff our cap to the purists. Those that like a traditional measure, a slice of lemon, a quality tonic over ice. But we embrace those who have no preconceptions they just fancy trying something that looks good and tastes great!!


Summer in a glass!!
Cucumber and Rosemary Gin and Tonic (aka The Drunk Cucumber)


What if Gin just doesn’t float your boat?? How about a chilled glass of fizz??