Our Services

We have been in the hospitality business for over 35 years one of the things we learned most is, “one size” doesn’t fit all.

All customers are different. All events are different. And each customer has different wants and needs and wants THEIR event to be bespoke to THEM. We agree!! Therefore we tailor our services to meet our customers needs

When we refitted our horsebox we didn’t want to have just one thing to offer customers and say “Take it or leave it”. We wanted to create something aesthetically pleasing that could provide a starting point. We then design the package for each customer around what THEY want, the type of event, the guests, the location, and of course the budget.

With this in mind, we have created a range of sample packages. You can take a package right off the shelf OR we can make each sample package a starting point for the client. And tailor that package to give the client EXACTLY what they want.

Some of our services include packages such as; Gin Palace, Prosecco Party Box, Cocktail Time, Champagne Package, and Non-alcoholic Drink Service.

Download Our Bar Price List As A PDF

Download Our Suggested Drinks Package Price List

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